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Verse -> G F Chorus -> Bd F G Im not sure how the picking goes, but this sounds like a good start.. G G F G ----------3-3-3---------3-3-3---------1-1-1---------3-3-3-| --------1-3-3-3-------1-3-3-3-------1-1-1-1-------1-3-3-3-| --0-0-3---------0-0-3-
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Zoe Asteroide Afinacion Estandar E||--------------------------------------| B||--------------------------------------| G||--------------------------------------| D||--5----4----3-------------------------| "INTRO" A||--5----4----3---------------------
Проигрыш: G G дон муа ан сюит о риц, жё не ве па F де бижу де не шанель, жё не ве па Dm доне муа уюн лимузин, жён фёрэ куа? E папара-папапара G офре
From: [email protected] (mark rubin) Ken Key uploaded this song originally but I think these cords are closer to the recording on Excitable Boy. I left Ken's lyric formatting and just changed the cords . [email protected] Mark Rubin -------------
Artist: Zebrahead Song: Someday Album: Waste of Mind E-Mail: [email protected] Tabbed by Jeremy Burgess This is a fairly hard song to play, and it has a pretty nifty solo as well. Here it is. Intro: E|---------------------------------------------- B|
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FALLING APART - ZEBRAHEAD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed By : Patrick McGuire e-mail: [email protected]
tuning: D A D G B E --INTRO |-------------------------------6----| |---3---3---3---0-------3------(6)---| |---------------------0-------0------| |-------------------3----------------| |-5---4---3---2---1--------/6--------| |--------------------------
> Solo: E-------------------9-8-9-8-9---10-8-7---5-7---5-7-5-4------| H--7--9-10--9-7---7-------------------------------------7---| G-----------------------------------------------------------| D-----------------------
Artist: Zebrahead Song: In My Room Album: Playmate of the Year Tabbed by: Joe Dendulk Tuning: Standard e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Song: Renegade Fighter Artist: Zed Playon: 4-String Author: ReDact207 This is one of my last-minute jobs I did on my PC speakers; I doubt this is exactly how the song goes to the last note, but you can hopefully get a pretty good idea here though. Co
Zwan – el sol Tuning:E Em D Em D A A A empty-armed and half a soul to go Em D and all i wanted Em was you here next to me Em D a little sunshine and sympathy A now everybody knows that i've been hanging down so low G D 'cause now i'm feeling up G s
Standard Tuning: E,A,D,G Riff G-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I D---4-44------2-22-0-0000-4-44------2-22-0-0000-4-44------2-22-0-0000---------------------------------I A--------0-0
I've been looking for chords to this song for ages, so I tabbed it out myself. Intro: e-------------------------------------------------| B-------------------------------------------------| G-------------------------------------------------| D-------