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The World Goes Round by Zwan ( I don't really remember from what show it is from, I downloaded it in mp3 form. Tabbed by Patrick Vacek ([email protected]) Standard Tuning Intro, Verse, and Outro E E5? A Aadd9 e|---0-----
This should be 100% correct Intro: -------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------| ---------4-6-4----------------4-6-4-7-6-----
intro (come in at 00:06) G|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------| x2 A|-------------------------------| E|-22-44-77777777-22-44-77777777-| verse (play whole thing x2) G|------------------------------------| D|------------
Song - Remember me - The Zutons Tabbed by Stuart McWilliam Intro C D C D C D C D Verse 1 G Well we used to be the best of friends Em And we used to hang around G Now I always see you and your new girlfriend Em On the sunny side of town G Oh your body
Rue de la paix (Un demi ton en dessous, je crois! Tune 1/2 down I think) Em Je vends mon auto D Puisque je roule trop vite Am C Et que
Intro: strum Gm |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |------------------0-------------| |-5~~/17---------5---5-5p3-------| |--------------------------5-----| |--------------------------------| |-----------------------
Band: Zebrahead Song: Playmate Of The Year Album: Playmate Of The Year Tab By: [email protected] This tab is 100% correct, don't look at any one else's version, this is the correct way of playing "Playmate Of The Year". This is a very easy son
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | Zero Assoluto- Quello Che Mi Davi Tu | ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tuning: EADG Madonna mia che bella canzone! L'ho ascoltata per tante volte ormai Verso "Sai, giusto ieri ti ho vista..." 1. G|-
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type A - Zebrahead ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standard Tuning: E,A,D,G Let Ring: ~ Riff #1 G-------------------------
Band: ZZ Top Song: Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings Rhythm S S S S S S S S S S Q E. S E||------------------------------------------------------------------| B||------------------------------------------------------------------| G||-------------------------
Em Am Freamata frunza in vant D Murmura apa in rau Em Am Spicul plecat la pamant D Valura lanul de grau. G C Fiul codrului sunt, Am H7 Liber ca pasarea-n zbor C Am Doina haiducului cant Em plina de jale si dor Pusca-i logodnica mea, Murgul e fratele
C Мы вышли из дома G Когда во всех окнах Am Погасли огни, F7 Один за одним, C G Мы видели, как уезжает Am F7 Последний трамвай. C Ездят такси, G Но на
Zutons Tired of Hanging Around Tired of Hanging Aroun Hi, This is my first tab, so please go easy on me! Intro ----- Guitar 1 -------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------| ----------
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 18:19:13 -0400 From: Chris Clark Subject: z/zevon_warren/ Artist: Warren Zevon Title: Lawyers, Guns and Money Album: Excitable Boy, Genius Composed by Warren Zevon Tabbed by Chris Clark Comments and cr
E-----------------------------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------------------------------| G----------------7-----6-----8----10-----12-----------------------| D---7------5-----7-----6-----8----10-----12---