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Band: ZZ Top Song: Stages Album: After Burner Rhythm Guitar (Standard Tuning) Q. E Q Q E H Q E Q. E Q Q E||----------------------|----------------------|----------------------| B||--6------5--L----6----|--L-------------------|--6------5--L----6----|
ZZ Top - "La Grange" - Bass Tab Riff 1: |-----------------------| |*---------------------*| |*-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-3-5-3-*| |-----------------------| 1 & 2 & 3 & a 4 & a Riff 2: |-----------------------| |*---------------1-3-1-*| |*-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-------*|
e|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------| A|-8-7---8-7-7-3-3-5---8-7---8-7-7-3-5---| E|-6-5---6-5-5-1-1-3---6-5---6-5-5-
im actually a bass player so this may be off a litttle Intro oh stacey look what youve done E|75-777578732----------------------------7577757878 B|75-777578732----------------------------7577757878 Verse chords Gtr 2 riffs |---------| |----------|---
(Zucchero - Musker / De Gregori) Tabbed by Bobi Borisov, [email protected] intro Bb,F,Bb C, F,Bb Whe[F]re do I go, when part of me is dying? Some[Bb]where they're baking new bread There's peace in my [F]life. [Bb] I'll [F]be the rain, and you'll be heav
Band: Zyklon Album: Aeon Song: Two Thousand Years Record Label: Candlelight Tuning: DGCFAD ---------0---0----------| ----------0---0---------| -------3---3---3--------| -------2----------------| -2-2-2-1----------------| -0-0-0------------------|X3 p
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Took My Mom To The Prom - The Ziggens Pomona Lisa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Matthew Holmes Email: holmz
Intro(Both guitars): Bbadd9 x2 Riff 1(Both guitars): Played along to "What's there to live for...". E|---------------------------------------------- B|-7--7--10-8--7---10--9--7---7---7--7--10-8--7- G|--------------------------9------------------- D|-
*To Love You* tuning:F# INTRO A Amaj7 A Amaj7 verse: ----- A Amaj7 in overdrive A Amaj7 i search for life and feeling A Amaj7 no other ride bridge: ------ Aadd4 E 'cause baby, i've tried Aadd4 E baby, i've tried chorus: ------- Bm A Amaj7 to reach yo
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hell That is My Life - Zebrahead ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- g|---------------------------------| d|-x-x---x-x-x--
Ziggy Marley- Dragonfly All the chords in this song are Bar Chords Intro- C(8th fret), F(1st fret), Bb(6th fret), F(1st fret) everybody's worried about time C, F but i just keep that shit off my mind A#, F people living on twenty four hour clocks C,
e|--------------8--------------8----------8---------------------------------| B|----11b--------11-8--------8---11b--------11-8------8---------------------| G|--------------------10b------------------------10b------------------------| D|--------------
This is a brilliant song from the zutons, sorry if it's not quite right it's my first Also I'm unsure of some of the lyrics... Enjoy! Ericbobson Standard Tuning (EADGBe) No Capo Intro- C Bb G F C Am Oh Stacey look what you've done! C Am You think tha
Wannabe - Zebrahead Tab Written by: Kusha Karimi ([email protected]) / = slide up h = hammer on Intro/Outro: e|----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| G|--------7-x-7-/-9-x-9-------------|