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Artist: Zebrahead Song: R U for real intro tuning: standard EBGDAe ICQ: 363531041 Email: [email protected] E-----------------|----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B-----------------|----------------|-----------------|---------
I always loved playing this song I always found it fun to play standard tuning intro E------------------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------------------| G--------------
------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------| ---15b--15p14-12h14b--12/21~-21p19-17-16~-| ------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------| ------------------------------
Believe in me Zornik [Submitted by Mattijs Gitaarvriend] Dm E(power) F#(B=bas6) B# Abm E F# e|---6--------0--------6-------7-------4---------0------2---| B|---7--------0--------7-------7-------4---------0------2---| G|---8--------9--------6-------8--
From: Thiago Subject: z/zwan/ Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 01:21:12 -0200 Song:Dont Let me Down Artist: Zwan (Billy Corgan=B4s great new band) far Tabbed by Thiago Miranda de Oliveira [email protected] This is my firs
Artist: Zero 7 Song: "Throw It All Away" Album: The Garden Track: 02 Verse 1: Dm7, Cm7, Bb, Gm Dm7, Cm7, Bb, Gm x2 Verse 2: Dm7, Cm7, Bb, Gm Dm7, Cm7, Bb, Gm x2 Chorus 1: Ab, Bb, Ab, Bb Bridge 1: Eb, Dm, Eb, Dm Solo 1: Dm7, Cm7, Bb, Gm Dm7, Cm7, Bb,
I Know She Will (Argent-White) Performed by The Zombies e----------4---------7--------------------------------- B----------2---------9--------------------------------- G----------2---------7--------------------------------- D----------2----4----9----
Intro- g]-5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7-| d]-----------------| a]-----------------| e]-----------------| (X4) Verse/Chorus- g]---------------------| d]--5-0-5-0-12---2-----| a]------------2---23---| e]---------------------| (played through main verse and chorus on
WHY DOES IT HURT WHEN I PEE? By Frank Zappa Album: Joe's Garage Act I Chord Intro: Am AmM7 Am7 4|---|---|---|---|---| 4|---|---|---|---|---| 4|---|---|---|---|---| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |---|---|---|---|---| |---|---|---|---|---| |---|-
Standard Tuning: E,A,D,G Riff #1 G--------------I D--------------I A--------------I E---44444444---I Riff #2 G-----------------------------------------------I D--------2222-----------------2222--------------I A-------------2222-11-22-----------2222-1
I haven't sumitted a tab yet so don't be too honest, I know it;s missing the odd note, but this does sound beautiful on an decent acoustic. (listen to the album for timing, I'm not great at it) [-7-10-7---7--7-10-7----7-----7-6-5------------] [-8----
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLUES - Z
Date: 07 Apr 96 05:41:56 EDT From: Rene Jung Subject: Dead Sun Rising by Zeni Geva Album: Desire For Agony Here it is, the ultimate headbanger anthem. Dropped D-tuning for both guitars. A bass-amp for guitar 2 would improve the sound quite a bit(Ther
Zwan - "Mary Star of the Sea" played in drop-d (both guitars) the song starts right after "Jesus, I..." at 5:20. INTRO G1 (enter 5:20) x2 e|------------------------------------------| B|-------7-------------------7--------------| G|---6-9---9-----6--
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